Top 10 Ideas for Instagram stories in 2022

Ideas for Instagram stories: Instagram stories are a highlight of an influencer’s social life. For 24 hours, your Instagram stories give a sneak peek to your followers about your personality; what do you do? How do you do it? And what is your product? Stories are the main feature Instagram has marketed, and yes, it is a great marketing and curiosity tool to engage your followers.

Instagram stories need to engage your followers. It needs to be mind-boggling, attractive, eye-catching, and be there for 24 hours but imprinted on the minds of your followers. Keeping this in thought, our team has developed a list of 10 ideas that you need for your Instagram stories in 2022. Our Top 10 best ideas for Instagram stories in 2022 are relevant for today’s and future environments and will help you generate more followers for your Instagram account.

Top 10 Ideas for Instagram stories in 2022

Our lists of best ideas for Instagram stories cater to almost all fun. So let’s begin:

1.   Team Introduction:

If you are active on Instagram by being an influencer or operating a company’s social media presence, you must have a team behind all you post online. The fact is, One cannot be good at everything, so you need specialists. Followers love to know about the tam of the influencers they are following.

Introduce us to your teammates, your camera guy, your digital content editor, and your content creator. Tell the people their stories and what they do besides working for you. If a new employee is there, introduce him to the people. You know what? let your team be live and use your Insta account for a day and announce it.

2.   Engaging Quiz, Poll, or Story:

Don’t limit your Instagram posts to people and products. Engage with your followers by posting questions, polls, stories, funny memes, motivational quotations, fact checks, and history.

Use Instagram stickers, share them on your stories, ask your followers questions and let them ask you some questions. Topics need not be serious all the time, have a light-hearted chat with your people , and share a funny Instagram story. Interact live with your audience, and give and take advice from them. This creates a sense of connection between you and your followers.

For example, if you want to buy an expensive phone and have some options, post them on your story as a poll and ask your followers for a suggestion.

3.   Live Stream, Podcast, or Event Announcement:

Announce a live stream, a podcast episode, a live event, or an appearance on your Instagram stories in advance. It allows your audience to keep your updated schedule and increase the viewership of such content. Hold Q&A sessions and announce them in advance. Live interaction is always the best source of gaining direct insight into what your followers think about and what content they want. Give the exact date and time and try to be punctual and if there are any schedule changes give them prior notice again using the Instagram story.

4.   Share Educational and Motivational Content:

Instagram can not only be used to share personal stories. You can use it to educate and inform people. Share updates on your stories about the weather, any live-event happening at that moment, or any disaster that you should share with your followers. Educate them, and inform them how to be safe in any such situation. Share motivational quotations and stories.

Share videos of you doing stuff that you are good at doing. For example, if you do the regular maintenance of your car yourself, share a short video on how to change a sparkplug or an air filter. Tell your followers it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, and when the time comes, you get your hand dirty.

5.   Go Live:

If you are into directly engaging the followers, go live at least once a week via your Instagram stories. It is one of the best ways to interact, as explained above. Live interaction is always the best source of gaining direct insight into what your followers think about and what content they want. Always announce when you are going live, so the maximum number of followers to participate.

After you end the live session, The session will be on your Insta stories for 24 hours for those who have somehow missed it.

6.   Through Back Thursday (#TBT):

Posting some old photographs and pictures of yours with your friends and family on Thursdays with the #TBT doing something silly is always a beautiful and nostalgic idea that attracts plenty of likes and comments. Your audiences will probably share some of their memories and pics in the comments section.

Share an old holiday Instagram post, with the location tagged in, and photos that show your struggle and accomplishments. #TBT is one of the most used and popular hashtags used often.

Next on our list of best ideas for Instagram stories is;

7.   Share Posts Mentioning or Tagging You:

If you promote a product or service, ask your clients to give you a shout-out or a mention in their posts. Share these posts on your stories. Such stories create a trustworthy impression of yours. Clients with these posts vouch for you and your product, service, attitude, and professionalism.

8.   Share Content From Other Accounts:

If you find something interesting, entertaining, informative, or insightful on any of the accounts you are following, share it in your stories. You recognize others’ work and bring the followers the best content available on a single Instagram account. It helps you to build a community of influencers and followers around you.

9.   Share Discounts On Products:

If you have sponsors, ask them to offer your followers discounts if they use your hashtag. Share these discounts with your followers in your Instagram stories, asking them to use the hashtag for availing of cut prices. Such stories create a broader and analytical approach for your sponsors about your Instagram presence, and your followers get concessions on the products they want. A win-win situation for everybody. 

10.   Behind The Scenes

Sometimes let your staff be the “stars” and post “behind the scene” videos on your Instagram stories. Give a sneak peek at how you and your team come up with the content you share.

This is our list of the top 10 best ideas for Instagram stories. One thing we would like to add is to be real and honest. Fake and artificial are identified easily today.

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