How to Set Time Limit on Instagram in 2022

How to set time limit on Instagram: Founded in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, Instagram is one of the world’s fastest-growing and most used social media apps. In 2012 the company was bought by the social media giant Facebook, and since, it has been a part of the Facebook Meta group. One can “easily” realize the popularity of Instagram with the fact that in April 2012, when it was released an android version was downloaded more than one million times in less than a day.

Instagram has been considered a seriously addictive social media platform and has been criticized for its mental health impact, social exclusion, body image, and other, for example, alcohol and drug use. To curb the criticism, Instagram introduced a time limit feature in 2018, so the user can control the amount of time he spends in a day using Instagram.

We have sorted out the steps our readers can use if they do not know how to set the time limit on Instagram. We do consider the negative impact of social media and thus do not want our readers to mindlessly scroll post after post and stories after stories for hours and hours in a day, so we will guide you on how to set the time limit on Instagram.

Both the Android and iOS Instagram apps have features to remind the user to take a break after the amount of time you specify. Instagram claims that it wants its user to limit Instagram usage. Whether you are an Android or iOS device user, you can set a recurring and daily time limit that reminds you to take a break and shut down the app.

The following are the step on how to set the time limit on Instagram:

1.       Open Instagram and navigate to your profile.

2.       Select the three horizontal lines in the top-right to open the menu.

3.       Select your activity.

4.       Select Time Spent. This screen shows the average time you have spent using Instagram over the last week.

5.       You can manage your time with two options: Set a reminder to take breaks and set a daily time limit. The former reminds you to take a break when you spend an amount of time at once on Instagram, while the latter is for overall usage in the day.

6.       Choose the amount of time you want to pass before the app gives you a reminder.

7.       Select Done.

If you feel this is not enough and the notifications are too tempting, you can always pause the “notifications” from the notification setting options on the app.

It is a considerable fact that Instagram provides you with options to limit the time on Instagram and reduce screen time with reminders and notifications. But, it is no problem for an addicted user to ignore these reminders. If you are seriously concerned about someone giving a considerable amount of time on Instagram, consider using Digital Wellbeing on Android and Screen Time on iOS so that the device may not allow the app to open under a set of rules.

As of March 2022, many users and TechCrunch have reported that Instagram has removed the shortest Daily time limit, which was 10 minutes. Instagram is now prompting the user to select a higher daily time limit on Instagram. Such measures were taken by Meta when a certain stagnation in the revenue streams occurred at Instagram. Users from the beginning of 2018 were able to select a time limit as low as five minutes a day, while the new options begin at 30 minutes and go up to three hours.

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