How To Get Someone’s IP From Discord in 2022?

How to get someone’s ip from discord: With over three hundred and fifty million (350 Mil) registered users as of 2021, Discord is a Voice over the Internet Protocol and an instant messaging social media platform operated by Discord Inc. It is one of the largest social media and voice messaging portals that have seen substantial growth over the past few years.

As a user, you have virtual spaces for your data, messages, and other media formats, and sharing them with the people you want by sending them invitations. These virtual spaces are called Servers in the discord world, and each server has a specific IP.

The topic of our discussion is How to get someone’s IP from Discord. It is better to inform you that such practices indeed come under the purview of cybercrime laws, and if you get caught harassing someone, you are eligible to face jail time and a monetary fine under federal laws. Anyways, this is a reminder for you not to indulge in criminal activities, be responsible, and use the methods below to get peoples’ IPs from Discord to help someone.

Easier said than done is somewhat true for pulling out someone’s IP on Discord. The fact is Discord, in essence, is secure and claims to use the best security protocol to protect its accounts from breaches. But as they say, everything on the internet can and will be hacked. 

You do not need to be a computer specialist to get people’s IPs on Discord. What you do need are a computer and internet, and a discord user who you have to convince enough to click on a link you send him.

So without any further delays, let us move toward the steps on how to get someone’s IP from Discord:

We here will explain two methods (step by step) with codes:

Method 1: Creating an IP Catcher Web Application:

Method 1 involves creating a webpage or a web application that the user whose IP you want may open, and the IP is saved in the application’s database for you to use later.

Understand this, when someone opens a webpage, the person’s internet connection sends a request to the website’s server. The request contains vital information regarding the connection’s internet protocol and security measures. The webpage or the web application you are going to send is to be designed to retrieve that information and decrypt it for you.

There are four steps to creating and launching a webpage. We are discussing a website you need to get peoples’ IPs on Discord.

The four steps are:

  1. Developing the Front End
  2. Devising the Back-end 
  3. Webpage Hosting
  4. Planned Execution

Developing The Front End:

The front end of your webpage does not need to be elaborate. The primary purpose of your web page’s front end here is to provide a decoy to buy time for the back-end codes to work and capture the IP. But, you must have a genuine and authentic-looking front end. We will suggest using free website templates available on websites like

Devising the Back-end

Step 2 is the important part, making your webpage pull someone’s IP. You will use Django or javascript to develop an IP catcher coming with your website. These scripts are available on google but, for your ease, we are sharing them as under:

IP Catcher Javascript:

Django Script:

Webpage Hosting

When your website is complete and armed, “host” it on hosting platforms, like, GitHub or Heroku. Most of these hosting services are free of cost and will guide you step by step if you are a beginner in the website development world.


Send the link of the webpage to anyone whose IP you want to pull via Discord. Then as soon as the user clicks on the website, the back-end scripts capture its IP.

Method 2: Discord IP Grabber

IP grabber tools are the best option for getting someone’s IP from Discord. There are plenty of such online IP-grabbing tools available.

Step 1 On Discord, every user has a link that leads to a profile or homepage. You need to have this link to start grabbing their IP. 

Grabify provides a window with fields where you need to copy-paste the Discord address. 

STEP 2 After entering the user’s Discord address, hit the Create URL button on the Grabify page. The page will provide you with a working address that you need to share with the users to grab their IP. 

What you got now is the usual URL, but with parameters attached to it. Namely, when the user clicks the link, you get their information. Something like we did ourselves in the first method.

Step 3 After the URL for the user gets created, Grabify will provide you with a tracking code. This code makes you capable track the IP of the user later on.

Step 4 After receiving the tracking code and the user has to click your link, and you can track their IP. You will need to enter the tracking code on the Grabify site. 

These were our two methods for pulling someone’s IP from Discord. The Discord security protocols use TLS measures which are adequate but not efficient for security hence, you can not directly hack a Discord ID, but there are other ways around getting someone’s IP from Discord.

The above article is for educational purposes only. We do not promote any illegal or criminal activity. You have to have the knowledge, but you also need to be a responsible social citizen. 

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