Top 5 Benefits of iOS app development in 2022

Benefits of ios app development: Since the advent of smartphones in the mid-2000s, our world has revolved around them. The major leap in the smartphone industry came when the tech giant Apple Inc. introduced the Apple iPhone in the year 2007, which started the modern era of smartphones. iPhone runs on a specific operating system “iOS” which has the most advanced user interface (UI) and user experience (UI) compared with android and Symbian OS platforms. iPhones have claimed to have the best hardware and software integration which is why iPhone has been leading the market for 15 years. The users hooked on iPhones are said to be a bit more tech-savvy, and they clearly understand the benefits of iOS over other platforms.

Apple releases an updated iOS version yearly with the latest security, user interface, and back-end software updates. Some of the advantages of iOS are as under:

– Apple has maintained a consistent yet easy and addictive user interface with all the latest updates. The iOS interface is quite simple yet provides the best hardware-software integration.

–  The Apple App store has almost 2 million apps available, with approximately 2600 apps released daily. The number of apps is similar to that of the google play store, but Apple has far more stringent criteria for iOS app development to ensure the user experience it claims to provide.

-iOS offers the best security features and claims to have almost no security breaches since it does not allow third-party software installed on iOS devices.

– Apple has always offered in-house design and development of both hardware and software. Such measures assure that iOS has the best hardware-software integration.

Now, let us discuss the benefits of iOS app development. The iOS app development market is enormous. Even if the iOS app development face a rather strict app development standards from Apple, the benefits of iOS app development a far outweighed, and provide significant revenue for iOS app development.

Benefits of iOS app development:

1.    User Demographics:

Apple Inc. has a dedicated customer base and brand loyalty. Users who have once used an Apple device will be forever using Apple devices, no questions asked. Researches show that every year a significant number of users of other platforms convert to Apple and iOS. Data also shows that iOS users are very knowledgeable and tech-savvy and know what they precisely want from the software. With every new iPhone update, iOS aims to satisfy the needs of this specific demographic of customers.

2.    Security:

Apple App Store and iOS provide extraordinary levels of security from data intrusion and duplication to the iOS app developer. Such measures ensure that if you are an iOS developer, your work can not be used by any other developer. iOS’s primary goal is to protect them adequately from possible external threats, such as hacking, and phishing. In addition, the iPhone application is highly protected for in-app and app purchases. IOS has integrated data handling systems, and measures against data duplication, and data losses due to data encryption.

3.    Stringent App Development Standards:

Apple has strict standards for iOS app development. All the apps submitted by the iOS developers are required to go through standardized testing procedures to ensure that the app meets the user interface and user experience criteria. The fact is, the apps are being offered to the users for premium costs and need to be fitting the experience iOS claims to provide. Unlike Android, where the code is open-source, anybody can use anybody’s work.

4.    Market Penetration:

With a significant number of Apple devices in the market, iOS has the advantage of being the most sold and used operating system in the world. With millions of Apple devices active around the world, there is a huge market for iOS app development. Each day the number of iOS users is increasing. This market penetration increases the chances of your app sales on the app store. iOS is now not only limited to developed countries like USA and UK, but iOS has developed substantial market shares in the developing world like India and China, opening newer markets for iOS developers.

5.    Revenue and Cost:

iOS has substantially low development costs compared to android, the reason being that iOS as an operating system is updated once a year by Apple, devices running iOS almost have the same yet, updated architecture means the standards adopted once for app development remain the same. These factors reduce the amount of time and investment required for app development.

In Comparison, Androids require a significant amount of time for development and testing because android operating systems are updated quickly and require apps to be updated for experience and security reasons. Also, since androids are on various architectures and configurations, they need a lot of testing before they are published.

The reduced time and effort in iOS development with a brand loyal market and better pricing strategies assure those iOS developers earn better revenues.

Some honorable mentions for the benefits of iOS app development are:

-It is one of the few in the world that provides you with quality and quantity. The sheer number of users of iOS is staggering and adds to the benefit of iOS app development.

– iOS assure safer payments via Apple Pay.

– The demand for iOS devices is on a consistently rising trend, meaning the market for newer apps and new ideas is increasing.

– The target market for iOS is loyal and does not consider switching to android devices, meaning the market is here to stay for long.

– Owning an Apple device is somewhat of a status symbol.

iOS is today the best mobile operating system available today, with an incomparable global market share. The market share is almost up to 70% in countries like; UK and USA and hence are competitive for iOS app development. If iOS developers are experienced and knowledgeful, they can easily rip benefits from the market.

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